Do looks matter?

By: Elizebeth Harmon, M.D.


This is a question that we ask ourselves every day. 

We believe that every woman has her own natural beauty and I believe that our mission is to simply enhance your natural beauty. 

If you want the complete surgical make-over we are happy to refer you to our favorite plastic surgeon, be sure and ask if you are considering plastic surgery, we know everyone. 

If you are at home watching movies on your day off, then maybe looks don’t matter so much. But the minute that you walk into your job or interview or wedding or reunion I can guarantee you that looks matter.

When do looks matter? 

If you are buying a Ferrari looks matter. You want the shiny one that is polished and tricked out, the dinged-up and dirty Ferrari goes just as fast but if you are going to spend that much money on your car it better darned well look really hot too. 

If you are getting married and it’s your wedding day looks matter, you want to be the most beautiful bride ever. Your high school reunion, it matters what you look like, all of your old friends will be there, so why not look your best? 

If you are going to a job interview looks matters. Many studies show that hiring decisions are made in the first twenty seconds of the interview. If you don’t look put together and ready to work then the next person that walks in may well get the position. If you have an important interview coming up make an appointment to discuss the interview and how we can help you look your best. Dr. Harmon has been doing this for premedical students for over 25 years. Guess what, they all got into medical school. 

So, when we say that looks matter it is not about being pretty, it is about looking your best, being put together, and being ready for whatever comes your way. No radical changes, just look you're very best and let your natural beauty and confidence shine.

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