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At Bella Rose Medispa, we know that losing weight can be difficult. We all know we should eat the right foods and maintain an active lifestyle, but that is not always easy. Sometimes, what we need to help us stay on track and be successful is someone in our corner, helping to guide us, hold us accountable, and cheer us on. Dr. Elizebeth Harmon and her staff offer weight loss coaching to provide the support and guidance you need to be successful and reach your weight loss goals. To learn more about weight loss coaching or to get started on your weight loss journey, contact our Salem, OR office today to request an appointment.

When you choose weight loss coaching versus attempting to lose weight on your own, you set yourself up for success by partnering with someone who will work hard to help you reach your goals. Benefits of weight loss coaching include:

  • Accountability
  • Encouragement
  • Consistency
  • Help with meal planning
  • Recommendations for exercise routines
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Regular progress checks

The right patients for a weight loss program should be in great general health and already have management of present concerns, like diabetes. You should also have a notable amount of weight to lose. It is central that people wanting to take part in a weight loss plan are flexible enough to integrate the necessary lifestyle changes to lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight. In a comprehensive initial consultation at Bella Rose Medispa, our skilled staff can determine whether a weight loss plan is right for you and your commitment level.

When you come for your consultation, Dr. Harmon will discuss your medical history, weight loss goals, and any factors that may have kept you from achieving your goals in the past. After discussing these things, you will learn about the essential nutrients your body needs to function correctly and what you should consume to meet your goals. You will discover that healthy eating habits are not just crucial for weight loss but also essential for the general functioning of your body. At Bella Rose Medispa, weight loss coaching isn't just about helping you lose a few pounds — we want you to become the healthiest version of yourself possible.

Great experience! Had a hdro facial with Rebecca. Really made a big difference!

B.Y. Google

Dr Harmon and her staff are the best of the best in wellness especially for women. When I’m there I feel cared for as a whole person. Dr Harmon takes time to listen in a way I have not experienced with other doctors or healthcare providers. She truly cares about me as a patient and a person.

F.H. Google

I am extremely happy with the treatments I have received at Bella Rose. The entire staff if friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. The office is clean and the ambiance is relaxing and calming. I highly recommend them!!

L. Google

Very knowledgeable and professional

J. Google

Becca was amazing! She got my skin so clean and smooth, and had some great insights into how to maintain healthier skin.

D.A. Google


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If you have ever tried to lose weight in the past, you know how challenging it can be and how much misinformation there is out there. At Bella Rose Medispa, we have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you on your weight loss journey and support you along the way. Let Dr. Harmon and her compassionate team help you find the right path to health. Contact our Salem, OR office today to get started toward a healthier new you.

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Can weight loss coaching help with emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a common challenge faced by many during their weight loss journey. At Bella Rose Medispa, Dr. Harmon and her team understand the complexities of emotional eating. They offer tailored strategies to help you recognize and cope with emotional triggers that lead to eating.

How does weight loss coaching address plateaus in weight loss?

Hitting a plateau can be frustrating and demotivating during your weight loss journey. Our team is well-equipped to help you navigate through these standstill periods. Whether it's tweaking your diet, changing your exercise routine, or addressing other lifestyle factors, our Salem, OR team is committed to helping you overcome plateaus and continue progressing toward your weight loss goals.

Will weight loss coaching adapt to my unique lifestyle and dietary needs?

Each individual's lifestyle and dietary needs are unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work in weight loss coaching. At Bella Rose Medispa, we understand this well. During your initial consultation and throughout your journey with us in Salem, OR, Dr. Elizebeth Harmon and her team will work closely with you to tailor the weight loss plan to fit your specific needs.

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